Summer School at Jeju National University, Korea

Summer School at Jeju National University, Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! My name is Esther Lita, or you can call me Etha. I’m majoring in Communication at President University, minor in RTF. In August 2014, I went to Jeju, Korea to attend summer course program. I was the only one from Indonesia. Yeay! So proud of it. 

Even though I couldn’t speak Korean at all, I dared my self to take Korean Language Class. It was really nice and I could learn directly from native people. Actually I supposed to learn about the culture also, however there were some circumstances, so we changed into food culinary. I tried so many Korean food. 

The  other  culture  which  I  learned   was haenyeo or woman divers. I also experienced diving and collecting seashell. Jeju was famous for 3 things:  wind, stone and woman. However, there was something else really special in Jeju. Its tangerine. Jeju tangerine was really different from the other. It was really tasty and juicy! I’m so lucky to have the opportunity. New friends, new experiences, new language and a lot of memories~ Big thanks to Jeju National University. I would like to come back someday!

I did Jeju Olle. Every tourist was obliged to do it. Jeju Olle was like hiking in the forest on the mountain. Another things that amazed me was ‘ Dolhareubang’. It was a native  people’s God embodied as a rock statue. The native believed if a woman touched the nose of it, the first child would be son and he would be successful. Their God was also the guardian and gatekeeper of the village to prevent the entry of unwanted spirits and It also brought good fortune.