DOD Diplomat One Day 2014

DOD Diplomat One Day 2014

On September 29, 2014, PUMA International Relations has successfully conducted a brilliant event “Diplomat  One Day”. The  speaker  was Mr.  Makmur   Widodo,  a  former  Indonesian ambassador to Germany and former Indonesian Permanent Representative to the United Nations and the moderator was Ms. Isyana Arslan, the English Lecturer at President University.

Participants of this event were mostly from the international relations major but there were also some participants coming from the other majors. At   first  this  event  was  only  a table manner course and the target of the participants  were only  30   students but   turned  out  they achieved 130 students joined in, spilled Michelle as the Project Manager of this event.

This event  was  held  in  order  to  support  and motivate the IR students to learn more and know how it was like to be a a great future diplomat and sharpen their  skills  as  diplomat  as  well. This is a great opportunity for the young future diplomats to learn and act like a real diplomat so they could prepare themselves better one day on the ‘battle  field’. Mr.  Widodo himself  is  a  very experienced  diplomat  so  the  students  could easily ask and learn anything straight from the expert . “This  is  a  very  inspiring idea; also as the students’ pictures of  how’s  it  like  to  be diplomat.” said Mr. Widodo about this event.

After  a  little talk show with Mr. Widodo, there was  a  Q & A  session  where  students  were allowed to ask anything they wanted to know about being diplomat. We all surely could feel the excitement as so many students asking the questions to Mr. Widodo. He was very glad and excited to answer all the questions although he said some questions were very tricky and critical.

At the end, he gave us the tips to be a great diplomat. Three major skills needed to survive; listening,   reading,   and   public   speaking. Master all these three things and you will do great. “Never give up, be active or you’ll be left behind.”.

Apart from the event itself, being diplomat is not all about dealing with the diplomacy stuffs with another country so the students also got to learn the table manner course lead exclusively by the General   Manager of  Hotel Santika Cikarang, Mr.  Hendra  Gunawan.  In  this  session,  the students were given the rules of etiquette while eating; to behave and eat properly, also how to use all the utensils provided properly. This is also a very important skill for diplomats. 

From this fun session we can learn a lot of information we have never known before about table manner, for example, it considers to be rude if you put some salt and  pepper  on  your  meal  before tasting it means that you don’t appreciate the chef, also we have to scoop the soup spoon in outward movements and the soup spoon isn’t allowed to be put in our mouth. There all might be sounded a little bit strange but the students are glad they learnt something new and useful. All the students are looking forward to attend more of this kind of events coming in the future.