DIES NATALIS 2016 - The Age Of Victory

DIES NATALIS 2016 -  The Age Of Victory
12 years serving in education, President University must have passed through a variety of processes as well as ups and downs. On the 12th Dies Natalis we are going to pick the Celebration as our theme, in order to make it as the trademark of Dies Natalis of President University from year to year.

Event Description

PresUniv Fest “Dies Natalis 2016” will be sequenced into three-days. In the first day, there will be “Holi Water Run” where all participants jog around JABABEKA together. After that, it will be followed by some performances from President University students in JABABEKA. Furthermore, the second day will have an "EduFair"; where several stands from other universities will be opened so students can ask about their study or any available scholarship. In addition, there will also be an exhibition and some performances from PUMA (President University Major Association) to enlighten the atmosphere. Last but not least, the third day of Dies Natalis 2016 will be the climax where the Final Night Celebration in JABABEKA Convention Center will occur. Packed with excitement and honorary awards to lecturers and staffs of President University, this Final Night will be a memorable moment. Through the end, the event will be closed by performances from artists and guest stars to spark the last fire of memorable moment where people will reminisce about Dies Natalis 2016 as long as they breath.

Be ready for the most awaited event of the year, Dies Natalis 2016!

Contact Person:
Dea Claresta 
(line) deaclaresta08

Julia Ratih 
(line) jjuliargds

Line account: @lfh9415c

So If you wanna know more about Dies Natalis 2016, stay tune! :D

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