KMB Chinese New Year 2016 "FIRE"

KMB Chinese New Year 2016 "FIRE"

After successfully conducting last year Chinese New Year’s event with the theme RISE. Not only stop there, in this year KMB Ashokavardhana President University presents Chinese New Year Celebration 2016, with the theme FIRE “Fabulous in Red Eternity” and also with the big breakthrough where this event can be enjoyed by all religions and also culture background .This event was conducted clearly and successfully in this year.

On 21st February, 2016 in Jababeka Convention Center, this event was held and started at 4 pm, but at 3 pm, there's Barongsai and Liong Attraction as the opening of Chinese New Year Celebration 2016. The Barongsai and Liong Attraction started from PUSH (President University Student Housing) area and with the final destination at Jababeka Convention Center.

When you enter the Jababeka Convention Center, you will feel the crowd with the Chinese atmosphere, because JCC was decorated with a lots of Lantern, Light and Mei Hua Tree. Chinese New Year Celebration 2016 also had the bazaars and tenants that sold a lot of things, from food and a lot of unique things.

Not only having bazaars, Chinese New Year Celebration 2016 also conducted a Talk Show. The Talk Show is about “Peruntungan di Tahun 2016” that was delivered by Mr.Djohar Koh. He often appeared in a famous talk show on local TV Program and he has been giving feng shui consultation not only in Indonesia, but in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia and Thailand.

Then, have you tried calligraphy before? In this event, Mr. Abidin Tane taught some participants in Tiongkok Calligraphy Training. Mr Abidin Tane broke the newest Muri Record for the biggest Chinese Calligraphy resulting in 21 m long of Liong Drawing last year.

New Year Celebration 2016 also have the free medical checkup like Cholesterol level test and Acupuncture. There were also Qiong and Shio prophecy, and performances from President University’s International and Local Student.

As the closing of this event, there was a Closing Show with fireworks and wishing lantern festival. By closing this event, we hope in this year is better than before, and it was also the end of our service in Chinese New Year Celebration 2016. 

See you guys in Chinese New Year Celebration 2017 with another surprises from KMBA! 

With love,
KMBA Family


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