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We resembles several questions you might asked regarding to PresUniv Review. If you might have a question that is not listed here, please contact us through Support Page. We're happy to help.


How can I place an ads in digital version of PresUniv Review?

We preparing exclusive space in PresUniv Review portal for your brand and business. Let us know by contacting us through Advertise form page


How to re-issue account verification link?

If you never received any verification links in your email, both in email's inbox or spam folder when you register for an account, you can re-issue for a new verification link here.

How to Claim If I Eligible for a Organization Administrator Account

To claim a new level for your account, you need to inform PresUniv Review by contacting us through Contact page. We may activate your new level in 2-3 business days.

I Have a Technical Issues with My Account

If you have any technical issues with your account, please inform PresUniv Review through SupportPage


How do I get the rights to reproduce an article from PresUniv Magazine?

Please send a written request to the editor by filling form in Support Page. Please also describe your intention and objective by reproducing article from PresUniv Review clearly.


How do I subscribe to PresUniv Magazine hardcopy version?

For subscription inquiries, please call 62-21 8910 9762-63 Ext. 112-115, or e-mail [email protected] or send your inquiry through Support Page